The symposium


The First International Cast Iron Symposium In Biziat is a unique opportunity for thirty artists to discover the world of iron casting and get one or more cast iron art pieces. It is divided into three main phases:

  • The design / realization of the casting model (for complicated parts, it must be done before the start of the symposium).
  • The design of the mould : several techniques are available to the participants for the realization of their molds:
    – sand molds with resin bonded sand can be used to mold any model made of wood (traditional molding), wax (lost wax with resin bonded sand) or foam (lost foam).
    – oil sand molds, for small parts (traditional molding).
  • casting mussels: a blast furnace (cupola) will be lit on the last day (Saturday, July 4, 2020). Throughout the day, this dedicated furnace will fill a ladle of 250 kg of molten metal every 30 min with which the molds will be filled.

For the pieces that will be selected to enter the exhibition, artists are invited to complete the finishing stages the following week.


The symposium is open to all artists regardless of age, gender, nationality, or medium. Nevertheless the knowledge of the sculpture and the different molding techniques is a plus.
It will take place from June 22 to July 5, 2020 in Biziat (01).
The amount of participation in the symposium will be definitively set in January of 2020 but it should amount to 700/800 euros per participant.
This sum includes all costs related to the production of the cast iron part (models, sands, resin, tools, PPE, fuel, metal). Each artist can use 50 Kgs of métal for their piece. Everyone can also do 50 kgs more for the cost of 100 euros.
This amount also includes all meals (lunch and dinner) that will be taken collegially at the mill.
This sum does not include:

  • accommodation (breakfast included)
  • transport of artists to the mill,
  • all ancillary expenses

An accommodation solution is put in place throughout the symposium: a campsite on the site of the mill, which can accommodate 25 people will be arranged. It will have 3 dry toilets and 2 solar showers, a common fridge, a barbecue and a stove. Participants will simply bring their own sleeping bag and any other equipment they deem necessary.

The price of camping accommodation (breakfast included) for 2 weeks is 168 euros.
All participants have the opportunity to choose their accommodation. A communal campsite and a number of cottages or bed and breakfasts offer their services near the mill but reservations are made well in advance.
Those wishing to opt for a hosting solution other than camping on site are invited to send an email to: for more information.

All participants will also have to pay the annual fee to be a member of the association (10 euros).

Presentation File here


Thomas BONNOTTE, sculpteur et fondeur d’art, propriétaire du moulin de Péroux et président de l’association les ateliers du Péroux.

Coral LAMBERT is internationally recognized for working in cast metal from large scale sculpture to ephemeral works about process, her work celebrates the wonderment and majesty related to the forces of nature. She is Professor of Sculpture at Alfred University where she is also the Director of the National Casting Center Foundry since 2007.

Christian BENEFIEL, sculpteur et fondeur d’art, professeur de sculpture et coordinateur à l’Université Shepherd (USA), spécialiste de la fonte.

Lioriol Castle

Le Chateau de Loriol joins forces with the Ateliers du Péroux association to welcome, at the end of the symposium, the pieces produced in the park of the castle.

Appel à candidature

Dépôt de dossier

Tous les artistes souhaitant participer au symposium doivent nous faire parvenir avant le 22 décembre 2019 : 

  • une esquisse de la pièce ou des pièces qu’ils souhaitent réaliser,
  • un portfolio avec une sélection des travaux de l’artiste (entre 5 et 10 oeuvres, légendées),
  • un texte de présentation du travail de l’artiste en ANGLAIS.


Puisqu’une telle entreprise ne peut voir le jour sans le soutien de nos partenaires et dans le but de faire baisser le prix du symposium pour les artistes souhaitant participer, nous avons mis en place une plateforme de financement participatif pour permettre à ceux qui le souhaitent de faire un don à l’association.

Vous retrouverez sur cette page une présentation du symposium en français, anglais et allemand :


Nous tenons à remercier chaleureusement Michel Griscelli, Hélène Maréchal, Agnès Duperray, Frédéric Thouny, Friedrich von Kirchbach, Magali Briat-Philippe ainsi que toutes les personnes qui nous soutiennent pour leur écoute et leur confiance.